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Over the last couple of years my work has been informed by an awareness of how human behaviour follows a pattern very similar to that of nature, ie a structure is established, thrives and then starts to break down, either from within or because of outside forces. There follows a period of chaos until a new structure is established. I see this in personal relationships, within states and across continents.

My work is currently 2D and within that I move between linocuts, woodcuts, etching drawing and recently collograph. I particularly enjoy the simple technology involved in relief printing, even potato cuts and I find the activity involved in cutting, slicing, chopping etc., links me in a physical sense to what it is that I am depicting.

For the last year I have been collecting pieces of discarded wood found around London and have been producing a series of woodcut prints on paper and cloth that I am calling ‘Cutting London’. I followed this train of thought during a residency in Yunnan Province, China using local wood, some found and some specially made.

Recently I have opened up other avenues in my work - writing songs that link with images of crows and foxes, photography etc.